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ShiftCentral is the leading provider of outsourced market intelligence services for major organizations across the globe. Founded in 2000, the agency provides actionable insight in key sectors including health, financial services, investment attraction, and legal.

International Financial Data Services, the leading global provider of investor and policyholder servicing solutions to the financial services industry, believed it could raise the bar in client relations with an investment in market intelligence - elevating its relationships from traditional “seller/vendor” to ones of partnership.

May 7, 2014
Former global account executive at Thomson Reuters, Houk joins ShiftCentral as the outsourced intelligence agency expands...


Cheryl Murray - Analyst at ShiftCentral
Bitcoin's shady reputation following the Silk Road scandal is all but...
Posted on 07/23/14
Eric Robichaud - Analyst at ShiftCentral
“Content” is a word that gets tossed around a lot. It’s an...
Posted on 07/21/14
Results from the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in...
Posted on 07/18/14

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