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ShiftCentral is the leading provider of outsourced market intelligence services for major organizations across the globe. Founded in 2000, the agency provides actionable insight in key sectors including health, financial services, investment attraction and professional services.

The senior management team of Florida Blue, the state’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield organization, tasked its market intelligence group to support a new strategic plan and the roll-out of new products, all in the context of the federal government's health care reform initiative.


Rachelle Albert - Analyst at ShiftCentral
As if consumer data wasn’t vulnerable enough, the Internet of Things (IoT...
Posted on 02/03/16
I am writing this old-school, on a plane: Moleskine paper, hotel pen and all....
Posted on 02/01/16
With law school enrollment dipping to near 15-year lows, staffing is a growing...
Posted on 01/25/16

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