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Change the game, change the future

How do you change the future of your business, your customers' preferences, your industry? This was the main theme of the keynote speech by Brian David Johnson, a futurist for Intel, that kicked off SCIP 2015, appropriately entitled Game Changers.

According to Johnson, companies need to start by:

  • Developing an actionable vision of what the future will look like;
  • Understanding what people want to do in the future; and
  • Using a process to figure out what's necessary to get there.

This process includes steps ranging from social science, identifying technological capabilities and tracking trends. One part of Johnson's process that was especially interesting was "data with opinion."

Data and trend identification is good and essential, but competitive intelligence needs to go beyond simply informing and needs to have a human touch.

Bad or a lack of competitive intelligence is breeding companies' fear of the future. While data and ideas are great, unless you can communicate it, create the appropriate narrative between the right company officials, and argue preconceived ideas, moving toward change will not happen.