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Content marketing needs a personal touch

The only thing that never changes in the world of content marketing is the fact that everything is always changing. From the constant churn of new technologies and platforms for conveying information, to the ever-changing content itself, the very nature of the industry is that it never stands still.

Another way of putting it, as described by Jordan Kretchmer, founder of social content curator Livefyre, is that content marketing will be “at the beginning stages forever.”

Kretchmer took part in a recent Advertising Week panel, where he and other media experts discussed content creation and curation. While technology and social media present an opportunity for firms trying to connect with a new audience, especially in a mobile age, the panelists agreed that content marketing shouldn’t become fully automated. As Kretchmer put it, “you can’t teach a computer to be creative.”

He’s right. Nor can you teach a computer to adapt to the constantly evolving landscape, recognize social trends or weave content into an interesting and insightful narrative. While information and technology are essential ingredients in content marketing, the human ability to use them to tell a story that will connect with the real live people you’re targeting is what will make a strategy a success.