ShiftCentral / Create value by tailoring your content marketing to your clients' needs

Create value by tailoring your content marketing to your clients' needs

Content marketing is now a central part of marketing strategies, and with ever-increasing competition for prospective customers’ attention, companies are taking great pains to stand out and be noticed.

In a recent blog post for the Harvard Business Review, market research expert Alexandra Samuel stresses the importance of the “content” in “content marketing.” Unfortunately, she says, marketers seem to place more importance on the marketing component, and tend to forget that once they’ve captured a reader’s attention, they must deliver on their tacit promise to provide relevant and actionable information.

As a Market Intelligence Analyst, I’m all too familiar with this concept. I see how, for some market players, flashy tactics can be effective in drawing in clients - after all, packaging and image are important. But they are not all-important. I often notice those same people expressing disappointment when they discover there’s no substance behind a certain product or service. For content marketing, Samuel suggests companies hire editors who have the experience and knowledge to define key messages and “really dig into each piece of content they produce … to create content that serves the reader as well as the business.”

That same philosophy can be applied to the world of market intelligence (MI): Our job is not merely to help with data reduction and write eye-catching headlines. Our mission, above all else, is to place ourselves in our clients’ shoes and tailor MI content to suit their needs. And if they’re not sure what they’re looking for? We’ll gladly help with that, too.