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Creating order among the chaos

A recent New York Times column talked of the continuing popularity of email newsletters, which many experts have said are on the way out in today’s increasingly mobile news world. While social media, mobile apps and dynamic websites have been called the information sources of the future, in reality they just add to the mess of information business development professionals, marketers and company executives have to sift through daily.

As the column states, what these industry leaders really want is a means to keep up with the information they need in a format they’re comfortable with. An emailed newsletter, or briefing as we call them at ShiftCentral, enables these players to have “something finite and recognizable" in their inbox to "impose order on all that chaos.”

With a dedicated market intelligence firm keeping tabs on industry insights and vertical markets, company leaders can take that concept a step further by having curated, relevant content delivered to the company inboxes they need, as needed.  Like a music fan and his record collection, while some organizations may feel the need to jump on the latest technology bandwagon and abandon what worked in the past, this article points to the fact that the smart, savvy ones know that sometimes real quality still exists in older technology.