ShiftCentral / Do we still need TV weathermen?

Do we still need TV weathermen?

This past weekend’s Boston Sunday Globe included dueling op-ed pieces about the need for TV weathermen in the age of constantly proliferating handheld devices and apps. In the ‘Yes’ column, the writer framed a point-of-view that I think is highly relevant to one of ShiftCentral’s core value offerings: 

“The relationship built between the meteorologist and the viewer is a strong one,” he argues. “Viewers tune in for insight. They want explanations for the whats, whys, and wheres of weather. They value experience and the ability to comb through reams of information and boil it down to three minutes. They want to understand the context of our always intriguing weather and what truly constitutes a rare or memorable event.” 

So. Some parallels here? Analyst = Weatherperson? Market intelligence briefing consumer = TV viewer? 

It is all about contextualized insight (and, well, perhaps El Niño too).