ShiftCentral / Facebook chooses the human touch over algorithms

Facebook chooses the human touch over algorithms

Facebook hit the news this week when the social media giant launched a new “featured events” service that will suggest upcoming events that may interest its users. Unlike previous incarnations, however, this feature will use a team of people to curate event suggestions, rather relying on an algorithm.

While algorithms can sometimes be effective, they can really only get you so far. An event suggestion may be somewhat useful if it’s based on your provided location – you’re more likely to attend something near where you live – however you’re probably not going to that mime festival, even though it’s happening just down the street. But an event that’s both nearby and suits your interests perfectly? Obviously, that’s curated content you can use.

The same principle applies in business. A market intelligence program that’s personally crafted by a dedicated analyst will help get you the news you need to keep moving your firm forward.