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Help new employees make an intelligent transition

The recent spate of large-scale mergers brings to mind a useful case for a market intelligence briefing. With any merger or acquisition, new employees will be introduced to a whole new world that may be in the same industry as their previous employer but has a completely different corporate culture. These employees must be brought up to speed on focus areas, growth opportunities, new clients or prospects and more.

A market intelligence service can serve as a great onboarding tool and ice breaker in these situations.  By adding new employees to a distribution list, organizations can ensure their new players are up to date with the information they want to ensure they know, freeing them up to concentrate on day-to-day operations.

Some considerations when leveraging market intelligence as an onboarding tool include:

  • Who are the market leaders your company keeps an eye on?
  • What are the company’s major goals for the coming financial quarter, or full year?
  • What market trends are the company keeping an eye on?
  • What disruptive technologies or events are being tracked?