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How to stem the tide of information

I’m a big fan of the TV series The West Wing and The Newsroom, and have watched the first series from beginning to end a few times, and the latter, twice. I’m mostly enamored by these series because of the show’s principal writer, Aaron Sorkin. He’s smart. I mean really smart. Not only is he a master at language and delivering the perfect idiom, he’s also knowledgeable on current events. His knowledge is clearly reflected his new show, The Newsroom on HBO. One might wonder what his secret is.

Mr. Sorkin, as it happens, once told The Atlantic in 2011 what he did to stay up-to-date in current affairs. His “media diet” every morning consists of reading through The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. Then, at the office, he turns to CNN or ESPN, playing in the background with the sound turned off. All the while, his homepage is set to Yahoo. Then at night, he “check(s) in with MSNBC once in a while.”

I guffawed when I read this part of the article. I thought to myself, that just about sounds like what I do! I live and breathe on the flood of information that is today’s media. Although the article had nothing to do with Market Intelligence, Mr. Sorkin’s daily routine resounded with me. But unless you’re The West Wing’s genius writer, it’s hard to make sense of everything that goes on in the media, and how it can be useful for you. We can’t all be like Mr. Sorkin and spend hours on end surfing the web and perpetually watching the news, even if it is with the sound turned off. Perhaps Market Intelligence is the best way to stem the tide of information in today’s media. Market Intelligence helps you stay informed, like Aaron Sorkin, but without having to waste hours sifting through the white noise which is today’s media. Hats off to you Mr. Sorkin!