ShiftCentral / Human leadership will remain key in a world of robots

Human leadership will remain key in a world of robots

The world is becoming more automated. Everyone from the World Economic Forum to consultancy firms have warned about the rise of robots in industries from banking to automotive.

However, the role of humans will remain key, as most recently indicated by a report from CGI Wealth.

The Future of Automated Advice Platforms: Lessons Learned” report on robo-advisers found that although broker-dealers and asset managers will continue to adopt robo-type technology, pure-play robo-advisers are expected to fade. Instead, tech solutions that also offer a human touch, will take over. The broader trend lies in human financial advisers using computer programs to help them with offering investment advice and overseeing client accounts, the study said.

The CEO of Oranj, a client services and prospecting platform for advisors, also noted that heightened regulations will make it difficult for pure-play robo-advisers to maintain the scalability of their business models.

So, while many tasks can be automated, it’s important to note that other skills remain in the human realm.