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In an era of Big Data, let’s talk about smart data

As Big Data continues trending in the Webosphere, and likely in your internal discussions with colleagues, allow me to step off the treadmill to talk about “smart data” – which I realize sounds like another marketing buzzword (and likely is).

Being able to make faster, smarter decisions than competitors is a source of competitive advantage, wouldn’t you agree? And in order to make these faster, smarter decisions, access to timely, contextualized information is critical, right?

Now, what if you were able to take this timely, contextualized information to the next level – increasing its value greatly – by aligning potential opportunities with relationship pathways to those groups or organizations? By adding a smart data platform like RelSci to your MI tool chest, you’re quickly able to accomplish just that. Imagine having clearly mapped out routes to that new relationship, client, market, donor, etc.

If you’re a law firm, investment bank, accounting firm, insurance provider, or nonprofit, I invite you to consider what smart data could do for you – especially when tied to your existing intelligence program.