ShiftCentral / Pharma CI experts bring insights to 2015 conference

Pharma CI experts bring insights to 2015 conference

Competitive intelligence professionals from Pfizer, Roche and Bayer are among the major pharmaceutical industry players who will give insight on the business of giving insight at the 2015 Pharma CI Conference and Exhibition in Parsippany, N.J. on Sept. 10-11. In addition to presenting on the value of actionable CI, ShiftCentral will be live-tweeting highlights from the event.

Presentations include:

  • In the keynote address, Bayer VP of Business Insights Peter Barschdorff will outline the particulars of establishing in-house CI functionality at pharma firms;
  • Roche CI expert Sabih Beck and Dr. Baljit Singh of Inovis offer a case study aimed at demonstrating the value of CI in shielding pharma firms from risk;
  • Michael Rowe, Allergan’s executive director of Corporate Strategic Intelligence, will use real-life stories to show the importance of determining whether a non-competitor is about to become a competitor; and
  • Roche/Genentech’s head of Global CI Salvatore Carlucci outlines three steps to drive effective strategy and decision-making through competitive simulations.

The event also includes panel and roundtable discussions on a wide variety of topics, including the use of CI in clinical trial design, using CI to support R&D and commercial operations, and more.