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Boutique market intelligence.

Curated by humans. Actioned by you.

We know how busy top-level executives are. It's hard to keep on top of industry trends and changes, and harder to keep the information you receive helpful to your company's objectives.

That's why our customized services and proprietary platform provide market tracking and industry knowledge, based on each of our clients' specific growth and strategy needs. Market intelligence is most valuable when it leads to client action. Timely content is important, but it must be framed properly to be actionable.

With deep expertise in legal, health, financial services, and technology sectors, our dedicated analysts provide the high-touch, high-value market intelligence our clients have come to rely on. 

Since launching in 2000, our client-focused philosophy has allowed us to become a leading resource in the world of market intelligence and a key strategic partner for our clients.

Turning intelligence into action – it's what we do. Learn more about our ShiftCentral Management Team.

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