Banking & Finance

Actionable Insight

ShiftCentral delivers the actionable intelligence you require to be on top of market disruptions and movements to guarantee your competitive advantage.

The financial services industry is increasingly being driven by new technologies – to stay competitive, our clients need sound insight regarding the opportunities and risks these present.

Barry Charuk


The Challenge

Facing competition from financial technology start-ups, stiffer regulations, and growing consumer expectations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in the banking and financial industry.


Executive teams are busy. Their time must be spent developing strategies for innovation and products that deliver value to customers, not wading through irrelevant data.

The Solution

Your dedicated ShiftCentral analyst helps to clarify key intelligence topics and search parameters based on what your executives need to know.

Easily digestible daily/weekly briefings feature customized contextualized market intelligence.

You and your team get access to your branded, fully customized Market Intelligence Platform to archive, search, download and share your custom intelligence data.

On Demand Research to offset potential issues or take advantage of a new opportunity is available as you need it.

Sample Intelligence Topics

  • Trends in retail banking
  • Market disruptors
  • Foreign and niche markets
  • Threats and opportunities
  • Client activities
  • Competitor activities and capabilities
  • Behavioral client segments
  • Online trading platforms
  • Product offerings
  • Emerging payment/mobile banking technologies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud computing
  • Personnel Movement
  • Insurance
  • Economic trends
  • Capital markets
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Islamic finances
  • Risk governance
  • Regulatory developments
  • Compliance
  • Financial reforms
  • REITs, private equity funds, venture capital firms

Experience the power of custom, actionable market intelligence.

Find out how your briefings can be customised to reflect any demand-driven developments that frame risk and opportunity. Develop the strategies that fuel innovation and keep you ahead of the curve.