Actionable Insight

Client expectations in the legal services markets have shifted in ways that are forcing changes in how these services are delivered. Innovation and disruption are now the driving forces and understanding why these changes are occurring, how they impact the business of law and what they mean to firms, corporate counsel, incumbent legal vendors and startups in the market are essential to successfully navigating the road ahead.

The Challenge

From an overcrowded provider space to entrance of machine learning and alternative providers, law firms have to do more and learn to think differently than they have ever done in the past to keep the status quo. They have to do even more involving business development and marketing, together with keeping abreast of their client’s industries and concerns to win and grow the bottom line.

For our law firm clients we report on everything from their own industry innovations and disruptions to the sectors and practices in which they operate – private equity, commercial real estate, life sciences, alternative investments, litigation, restructuring, and the list goes on.

Sarah Duncan

Senior Editor

Our Solutions

Let ShiftCentral’s dedicated analysts put their experience in working with Strategy & Innovation, Marketing & Business Development, and Knowledge Management teams with:

Daily and Weekly Executive Briefings

We incorporate and synthesize the most recent, relevant data from multiple expert sources to produce customized and digestible insights focused on clients, prospects, innovation, opportunities, and threats in the legal sector

Our analysts scan through content all day, every day to bring your firm the most pertinent and latest information according to your needs, at a competitive cost

You and your team get access to your branded, fully customized Market Intelligence Platform to archive, search, download and share your custom intelligence data.

On-Demand Content

We produce client/customer and prospect profiles

Custom market research for client and panel pitches; Benchmark assessments of your firm’s key competitors in any practice space

Support your marketing and content efforts such as client newsletters, whitepapers, infographics, case studies, etc. with ready-made market content for outreach and thought leadership

Actionable Information

Help your attorneys become experts on their clients' industries and help your executive team anticipate and respond to industry shifts customized to your firm

Track industry trends to support the firm’s efforts to move BD attention and resources to where the demand is high and/or growing – and constructively manage those resources away from areas where it is likely to decline

Sample Intelligence Topics

  • Industry trends
  • Market disruptors
  • Threats
  • Opportunities
  • Client activities
  • New Technologies
  • Ongoing insights into the competitive landscape
  • Customer engagement and loyalty
  • Machine Learning
  • Regulatory developments
  • Government oversight
  • Industry/Legal opportunity reports
  • Trends in law firm management
  • Demographic & Socioeconomic trends
  • Alternative Providers
  • How law firms are structuring industry groups

The Rise of the All-Powerful Client

The shift in client expectations is the greatest driver of changes in the legal services industry. Innovation and disruption will continue to gain momentum in the legal services market, and this momentum will be sustained for the foreseeable future by the weight of client demand.
Experience the power of custom, actionable market intelligence.

Find out how your briefings can be customized to reflect any demand-driven developments that frame risk and opportunity. Develop the strategies that fuel innovation and keep you ahead of the curve.