SCIP International Conference & Exhibition 2018

SCIP International Conference & Exhibition 2018

Market Intelligence


Next week, around 800 or so of the world’s best and brightest competitive intelligence enthusiasts - as well as colleagues with interests in market intelligence - will gather in Orlando for the 33rd Annual SCIP International Conference & Exhibition.

SCIP stands for Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals. We’ve mentioned SCIP in a previous blog post, regarding the standards with which our analysts work towards. It’s a nonprofit organization for anybody with a stake in competitive intelligence, or market intelligence, whether it’s delivering it, or using it for their organization.

Rather than being a mouse-eared jolly to the Sunshine State, SCIP is three days of networking and sharing insights, so the competitive intelligence community as a whole - both vendors and practitioners - can keep on top of what they do in the most current and professional capacity.

As one of the sponsors of this year’s event, we’re excited by the themes around which discussions will be based:

  • Strategic analysis and supporting frameworks

  • Analytics: decision toolkits and visualizations

  • CI organization and maturity build model

  • Executive leadership and professional skills

There are a few reasons that our involvement with SCIP is important to your business.

You’re guaranteed facetime with us. Whether you’re an existing client, or putting the feelers out for extending the competitive intelligence capacity of your company, we’ll be right there at booth 48, ready to say hi, and to make an appointment to grab a coffee and talk about your intelligence requirements.

It demonstrates our prestige. SCIP represents the industry standard for competitive intelligence. In conjunction with our own code of conduct, our analysts work with the code of conduct set by SCIP. This ensures that the intelligence we gather for your company, and its delivery, is held to the highest standards and transparency possible.

It’s an opportunity to learn. Like any other field - especially those steeped heavily in digital technologies - things change. We would be falling short of what we deliver to our clients if we didn’t keep on top of things. And the best way to keep on top of things is to talk directly with those involved.

If you’re planning to be at the SCIP conference, we’ll see you at booth 48, or feel free to reach out to arrange a meeting in advance.

If you can’t make it, take a look through the SCIP website and what they’re about, so you can understand why they’re important in the context of competitive intelligence, and in turn, for your business.