Market Intelligence

Actionable Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence can be described as up-to-the-minute intel on what’s going on – with your organization, with your clients, with your competitors, and with their clients.

It is a live tab on the marketplace supporting your organisation’s most pressing needs, from strategic planning to business development, from knowledge management to innovation and digital transformation.

While market intelligence is emerging and gaining wide recognition as a must-have, ShiftCentral has been at the forefront of this practice. Founded in 2000, our clients can attest to the over-arching quality and consistency of our work over this 20-year span.

In our experience, clients are looking for three things above all else: insight quality, cost efficiency and client service. We continue to hear from them that we consistently deliver on all three.

Paul Kavanaugh

Director of Client Development

Our people-led process

Curated, well-written daily/weekly market intelligence briefs tailored to your unique requirements.

Dedicated analyst that understands your industry and market landscape.

Discovery phase to define custom key intelligence topics, search parameters and source identification.

Agility and flexibility to adjust scope as priorities change.

Deeper dives available to answer specific questions.

Access for your entire team to ShiftCentral’s Market Intelligence Platform, which includes all of your curated intelligence, tagged and archived with your unique taxonomy.

Experience the power of custom, actionable market intelligence.

Find out how your briefings can be customized to reflect any demand-driven developments that frame risk and opportunity. Develop the strategies that fuel innovation and keep you ahead of the curve.