ShiftCentral / A private newsroom: you decide what gets published

A private newsroom: you decide what gets published

In a time where information is so readily and abundantly available, most people would probably think it easy and quick to get the latest news and information necessary for your business. A few keywords here and there would pull out the most important data from the massive storage of information, right?

Well, not exactly. Keywords too often give more irrelevant information than anyone would like.

That’s where ShiftCentral comes in. As your private newsroom, we’ll give your team the most relevant news based on your business needs and the platform you’ll publish the content on. So, when you receive our work, you only see the companies, deals, competitor activities and market trends that are relevant to your business. If you want to add or remove content before it gets out to your team, all you have to do is contact your dedicated analyst.

It’s almost like we asked, "What do you, as a professional in your industry, want to know first thing in the morning?"