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Competitive intelligence helps you stay ahead of the curve

SCIP, the organization for Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals, has seen a lot of change since its beginnings in 1986, and it's likely to see more change in the next five years than it has in the previous 20.

Many technologies are popping up that competitive intelligence professionals can utilize, enabling internal refinements through the use of business analytics, while bolstering external intelligence efforts through public and private big data sets.

One looming future application (and to borrow from General Electric - “The Future is Now”) is the Internet of Things (IoT). Companies like Cisco, Intel, Mocana and Texas Instruments are all jumping into the realm of the IoT, and given the level of industry support, it's an inevitable revolution.

The IoT could revolutionize competitive intelligence, particularly for consumer goods and manufacturing companies. There is the potential to gain valuable real-time and long-term performance data from distributed products, which vendors and third-party information vendors could leverage into the next great competitive advantage.

If you’re not already familiar with the Internet of Things, you owe it to yourself to begin learning about it – it will greatly change your world in the years to come.