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Help Me, Help You!

Organizations often question whether complex functions - such as graphic design, coaching/training, research/MI, etc. - should be handled in-house or entrusted to an external firm. The term “outsourcing” is sometimes erroneously associated with the notion of “outsider” – someone who isn’t necessarily privy to - or genuinely interested in - a company’s culture, goals, or sensibilities. That perceived detachment is generally unfounded, as any outsourcing firm worth its salt strives to be viewed as a trusted partner, first and foremost.

As an example, we at ShiftCentral assign a dedicated Market Intelligence Analyst to each of our accounts, instantly establishing a direct line of communication with our clients. This instills a sense of personal accountability which, in my case, motivates me to constantly keep growing my knowledge base and maintain healthy client relationships. To that end, our team participates in client engagement events whenever we can. It behooves us to speak the same language as our clients, because building a mutual frame of reference not only speeds up communications, but makes us feel legitimately invested in their success.

You’re no doubt wondering about costs. Surprisingly, when you take into account the resources needed to build a platform for internal projects; the time and effort needed to stay on top of regulatory developments or market conditions; and the hidden expenses associated with acquiring software, personnel training/turnaround, etc., it’s often less costly to outsource certain functions than setting them up in-house.

From where I stand, outsourcing doesn’t require anyone to relinquish even an ounce of control; rather, it allows businesses to regain control – with renewed focus.